Friday, November 5, 2010

I Leave a Trail of Items Behind Me

Why, oh why do I do it? I go to the grocery store for a handful of items. Just a few. Plenty of space in one of those little hand baskets for the items I need.

Or maybe not . . .

There is always something extra. Oh, potatoes are buy one get one free! And I need potatoes. OK, put both bags in the hand-basket. Oh, and the gallon jugs of Hawaiian Punch are on sale. Grab one of those. Oh, look. Toilet paper - you can never have enough toilet paper and who can turn down a sale like that? 20 rolls for only a few bucks! Oh, and look. Cases of soda on sale. I finally get to the checkout with two or three things under each arm, Two things dangling from the fingers of my left hand, an overflowing, carefully-balanced pile in the hand-basket in my right hand. A trail of items behind me.

Will I ever learn?


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