Friday, March 18, 2011

Fuzz Magnet

  OK, so Snickers came down the other day all dressed and ready for school. I almost didn't see him he was so covered in fuzz. He had on his fuzzy fleece pants and his fuzzy fleecy sweatshirt. Both are normally very visible. They are both technically black, but they were so covered in a fine layer of fuzz, dust, threads, cat fur and miscellaneous fluffy stuff that he blended right into his surroundings. (Not that I don't vaccum, or sweep, but, well, you know. Anyway...)

Fleece is like a magnet. A fuzz magnet. It attracts anything fuzzy (and it attracts static too, but that's for a different post). He looked like a used Swiffer, like a dustmop or the inside of the vacuum cleaner bag.

So, I got out my handy dandy masking tape and went to town. After a couple of hours I was finally starting to see through all the fuzz to the color of the fleece. Needless to say, he missed breakfast, school and lunch. But by the time we were done he was spotless. Then the cat walked in and brushed against him.


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