Thursday, March 10, 2011

There's a Banana On My Desk

 Apparently National Banana Bread day was last week. I missed it by a few days, but I did manage to use up some old bananas and made a nice loaf. I make banana bread rather frequently. It seems we never finish up our bananas before they get all brown and mushy, maybe because we know that I can't throw away bananas and will make banana bread out of them.

In any case, I try to make it kinda healthy. I mean, it has bananas in it so it's already got an advantage over something that doesn't have fruit in it, but I try to make it even healthier. I usually substitute half the flour with whole wheat flour and I toss in some flax seed. This time I added a little sour cream as well (not to make it healthier, just to try to make it even more moist). However, I also left out something. It went like this:

Sweet Pea: Mom, why is there butter in the microwave?
Me: Oh crap!

That's what I get for trying to soften the butter beforehand. It got left out. But the strange thing is, you would never have known. The banana bread tastes exactly the same as always. Texture, taste, look, feel, smell, etc - all the same. I'm guessing that adding the sour cream probably helped mitigate any disastrous affects.

So, overall, despite a small mishap, it turned out wonderfully!
And for your reading pleasure, a banana haiku:
A banana there.
Sitting there. Staring at me.
I think I'll eat it.


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