Monday, June 13, 2011

Attacked With a Sharpie

  As we move up the ladder in karate we need more and more gear. We started out with punches and kicks (gloves and foot-covering), shin guards and mouth guards. Now, we've progressed up to rib gear and head gear, both of which are fairly large. And of course, we need some way to carry this stuff back and forth. With the addition of the head and rib gear, the small bags we were using just weren't going to cut it. So, I went out and got some sizable duffle bags. Since we needed 5 of them, I went for the cheapest bags I could find. So, of course that limited my choices, including color. We all ended up with identical red bags. They have our initials on them to distinguish them from each other, but just to make mine more distinctive and just because this is the way I am, I attacked my bag with a sharpie. Voila!

Not bad. Makes it easier to tell apart from the others now. Maybe I'll decorate them all. Sweet Pea might like porcupines on hers, or bunnies, or peace signs. Snickers might like a Pac Man game board. Doodlebug might like skulls or maybe kittens. The hubster would like zombies, or maybe guitars. Hmmmm. Time to get out those sharpies again!


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