Monday, June 20, 2011

Kill Bill is Kick-Ass And So Is The Music

  I was watching Kick-Ass the other day with hubby. It's a very violent movie somewhat akin to Kill Bill type violence - with spattering blood, limbs being cut off, guns and torture and beatings and such. Usually quite a put-off, but for some reason, the movie was pretty good despite that.

In the same vein I also liked Kill Bill. When we started watching it I hated it. Too much over-the-top gore and spurting blood and snapping bones. But by the time we were 75% of the way through the first one, I was hooked. I eagerly anticipated the second, and was not disappointed. Despite the flagrant comic-book violence and utter grossness of many of the fight scenes, I really enjoyed the story. If you can overlook the blood and guts (and for some people I'm sure that's a plus), the story line is really good. And the music is awesome! An eclectic mix of all sorts of stuff. Cool. You should take a listen.

And, to get back to Kick-Ass, we were watching it and in one of the fight scenes this song started up. We both said at the same time - "What is that music?" It's haunting, eerie, rhythmic. Guitars and drums. It's beautiful. After some searching we found it - In the House - In a Heartbeat by Composer John Murphy. It was also used in the movie 28 Days Later (a zombie apocalypse movie that was a little too grim for me. I don't go for zombies much.  But what an utterly awesome piece of music! Another one you should check out.

And while you're at it, the soundtrack to the movie Collateral is really good too. So, that's your homework. Go to and check out the soundtracks to Kill Bill, Collateral, Kick-Ass and 28 Days Later. Let me know what you think. And let me know what other movie soundtracks you like.


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