Friday, June 24, 2011

Fifty Pounds of Snacks

  I bring my lunch to work everyday. It's healthier and cheaper than buying a lunch. And besides, I tend to be boring and predictable and don't mind eating the same thing day after day. So, every day I bring my sandwich and some yogurt and some milk to work.

And because I don't like that weird powdered non-dairy creamer stuff that's made of chemicals and strange toxic substances that's provided I bring some half and half for my coffee.

And because I'm usually in a hurry to get out of the house in the morning, I bring my breakfast. That usually involves a covered bowl of cereal, or oatmeal and some milk.

And because I try to eat healthy, I bring some fruit - usually two things. Today it was three - a banana, a container of cut-up watermelon and a container with orange wedges.

Yes, I bring all of that food with me to work. Every day.

I'm weird like that.

That's a lot of food. And it's heavy. I pack it all into a 9 foot duffle bag and sling it onto my back along with my laptop bag and my bag with my shoes and iPod and sketchbook and my purse. I leave every day with approximately 70 pounds of gear, 50 of which is food and snacks. I need all that food to maintain the muscle mass I get from carting around all that food.

Sometime I'll tell you about the drawer at work where I keep my supply of breakfast and lunch condiments.


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