Monday, April 16, 2012

Enough Drumsticks For the Whole Family

The other day as I was working in the kitchen the hubby pointed out a spider. It was actually a rather cute spider for a miniature tarantula. And I kid you not, this thing, despite it's half inch size, had thick luxurious hair and thighs that a turkey would envy. In fact, we figured that with the 8 drumsticks on it, it would make a mighty fine meal for our family of 5. However, we decided to forego that particular delicacy. Instead we set it free.

It was one of those spiders that's just large enough to make a sickening and shiver-inducing crunch when squished (assuming we were fast enough to catch it for squishing) so instead we caught it (and by we I mean the hubby and his boundless courage) in a cup and set it free outside on the far side of the deck in some pots. It was one of those spiders that's a terrific jumper and it hopped gleefully away, the orange stripes on it's back glistening in the late afternoon sunlight and reflecting off the tips of each of the thousands of leg hairs. (Almost makes it sound pretty, doesn't it?)

But after discussing it with the family I've come to the conclusion that one of the big differences between men and women is how they perceive spiders. Where Sweet Pea and I saw a tarantula, stalking across the stove and eying us maliciously, the hubby, Snickers and Doodlebug saw a tiny little harmless nit, hardly worth notice.

Pshaw! That thing would beat any of us at an arm wrestle. Tiny indeed!


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