Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Ate Them. They Were Delicious.

This past summer we discovered Domo. He's an awesome, big, furry, brown, cute monster. You can read about him here if you want. The kids think he's great. We've watched some very cute videos on YouTube, won a huge stuffed Domo at the state fair, Santa brought small ones for Christmas and finally (we've been talking about it for months) we made Domo cookies.

Now, I have to say that despite my love of making cookies and despite my love of decorating baked goods I just wasn't into this as much as some other things in the past (Calvin and Hobbes cookies, Spongebob Squarepants cookies and cake, etc). I don't know why. But in any case, I mustered up enough energy to decorate a few and each of the kids did one.

However, some of our other plans just didn't seem to want to happen. For instance, pictures of the Domo cookies doing fun things like:
  • floating on a float in a pool/tub
  • hanging out in the plants
  • terrorizing the cat/gerbil
  • washing the dishes
  • eating a banana
  • hogging the best spot on the couch
  • spinning from the fan
  • etc, etc, etc
So, rather than doing all that fun stuff, what did we do? We ate them. Yes, it's true. We ate them. They were delicious.

I promise, next time my baked goods will do something more exciting, just for you loyal readers. For your viewing pleasure. Just for you.


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