Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Embellishments, DooDads, Whosiwhatsits, Thingamabobs, Dodingers and Flappabitties

About 5 years ago we (the Ginormous Duck family) visited Walt Disney World. We had a great time! (And by that I mean I've forgotten the whining, crying and grumpy moments and only remember the glowing, warm-fuzzy, sunny, fun bits.) And now we're going to be going again. Probably the last time we'll go as a family, mainly due to the cost. But after saving up for 5 years we managed to scrape up enough for another visit and are really looking forward to it.

And, just the other day I finished up my scrapbook from our last trip there. Yes, it took me five years to do it. (hanging my duck-bill in shame). Now, it's not like it took me 5 YEARS! to complete it. There were several very long breaks in there! But the overall time span was 5 years. And if we hadn't planned this latest trip glob only knows how long it would have taken.

Tangent here, the ducklings have been watching an uber-cool (I know, the word-uber cool is so NOT uber-cool, as Sweet Pea reminds me very often) TV show lately called Adventure Time. I really enjoy it. Did you notice I said 'glob only knows' above? The lovely LSP, or Lumpy Space Princess, often says "Oh my glob!" I like it and plan to use it often. Get used to it.

But back to the main topic. Yes, it took me 5 years, but now it's done. Thank glob! Finally! And I still have a little time to get prepared for the next batch of memories, and by that I mean, the next batch of papers, pages, embellishments, doo dads, whosiwhatsits, thingamabobs, dodingers and flappabitties. Maybe this time I'll be a little more efficient.

Or maybe not.


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