Monday, October 15, 2012

I Ran. I Ran So Far Away.

  So, how many of you out there save up old stale cereal, cracker crumbs and cookie detritus and store it in your car? Come on! Someone? Anyone?

Well, I've been known to. No, it's not in case I drive my car into a ravine during a snow storm and want to have something to sustain me (although that could be a side benefit). If that were the case I'd pack granola bars, canned food, a can opener and jugs of water. It's for those days when I'm driving through a parking lot with the ducklings and we see a flock of seagulls (and I ran, I ran so far away) - standing on one leg, the other curled into their fuzzy under-feathers for warmth, shivering and looking downright miserable as the rain pelts their wings and they look at me with their sad little beady black eyes.

I know I'm not the only one who feeds them because as I carefully drive into their midst and lower my window, deliberately pushing scenes from the movie Birds out of my minds, they start to make noise and crowd around the car, leaving a safe 2 foot buffer. They know what's coming! And then we toss out handfuls of old stale cereal, broken cracker bits and crumbled cookies.

They make an unholy racket and gobble up all the bits and as we drive off some of them move in to get the stuff that blew under the car, and a few always follow the car for a bit. I expect they are saying thank you.


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