Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shopping For Heavy-Duty, Steel-Reinforced Work Boots

  Have you ever had someone run into the back of your foot with a shopping cart? Hurts, doesn't it?

Well, the other day, just as I finished saying, "Be careful. Don't run into me." Doodlebug smashed the grocery cart into my innocent, unprotected Achilles tendon as if the cart was a 2-ton boulder, rolling downhill and my ankle was a tender new flower shoot, just poking out of the ground in spring.

And as you can imagine (picture the boulder and the flower) my poor sweet foot sustained some damage.

But as soon as I was able to stop clutching the front of the cart and pull my teeth from my lip where they were locked in an effort to stifle the screams of pain, I moved to the side of the ice cream aisle, wiped up the blood and applied a band-aid. I was then able to finish my shopping with a minimum of limping and whimpering. And I only had to change the band-aid a few times to keep from dripping on the floor! Grocery shopping can be so much fun!

Now I'm off to buy some heavy duty work boots, steel reinforced, for next week's shopping trip.

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