Friday, December 7, 2012

Splattered With Glue and Covered in Buttons (Tarred and Feathered)

Doodlebug spent several minutes telling me about something he made in art class. Apparently they sketched out what they wanted, then they spent some time building this thing out of wood and painting it. He said it was very cool and I could tell that he liked it.

But then he continued, his voice rising in outrage with each sentence:

"And then the teacher splattered glue all over it! And made me stick buttons on it!! She said it was for (and here he made air quotes) 'a center of interest'!!"

Ah, poor Doodlebug. There's nothing like having someone who thinks they know exactly what your art needs, taking over and rearranging it their way.

That art teacher is single-handedly ruining art for all the ducklings! Buttons indeed!

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