Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You've Been Chosen For a Squozen!

Bam! the rainbow ram came along with us on our trip. Bam! turned out to be quite the adventurer! He even has his own song:

Bam! Bam! The rainbow ram.
Such a dare-devil ram
He likes to be squoze.

No, that's not a typ-o. He does like to be squoze. And what, pray tell, is squoze? It's the past tense of squeeze. He really enjoys a good hug! It can also be used this way - "You've been chosen for a squozen!" And when you hear that, watch out! A hug is on the way.

In any case, here are some photos of Bam! at Disney:

Heading to the boardwalk:

Bam! enjoys a nice hearty breakfast:

Bam! likes to take risks. He enjoys playing with lions:

Bam! is a huge fan of Oprah!

Bam! wants to take a ride:

Getting a better view from the trees:

Bam! loves to mountain climb:

It's always good to look cool with superstar shades!

Bam! is very friendly and makes friends easily:

Bam! checking out the view:

Bam! wants to go for a swim but is afraid his woolly coat will shrink. He also forgot his swim trunks:

So Bam! decided to get an ice cream treat instead:

And then it was time to head home. Here's Bam! at the airport:

Bam! never looks back, only ahead. Ahead to his bright and awesome future:

Bam! had a great time on is vacation! And so did we!



  1. It looks like that one sign says don't climb in the tree. What was Bam doing?