Monday, June 10, 2013

Bugmuda Triangle

So, while all the backsplashing was going on I had the power cut to the kitchen outlets. For many years we've had a night light in the kitchen - one of those that automatically goes on when it gets dark. And for many years we've had a small pile of insects under said nightlight.

I cleaned them up of course, but there was always another one - some poor little buggy that tried to get friendly with the light and roasted himself. Bugs aren't particularly bright.

But Sunday morning I was in the kitchen. The power to the outlet was still off and the nightlight wasn't even plugged in. And yet, there was still a tiny little insect on the counter under the outlet - all six legs sticking straight up.

To think, all these years I thought it was the nightlight! And come to find out there is a tiny bermuda triangle right there on my counter. An insect graveyard. A cursed-for-insects twilight zone. Who knew?


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