Friday, June 21, 2013

Bugus Cute-icus

The other day on the deck I ran across the coolest bug ever! And I'm not really a big fan of bugs. They usually have too many legs or too many wings or both. And they often like to fly in your hair, eyes, ears or mouth. And if they aren't doing that, they are dangling on strings in front of you as you try to shower, watch tv or bake. Very disconcerting!

But this particular bug was of the genus/family/species (hey, don't make me go to wikipedia to look up the scientific stuff - you know what I mean!) bugus cute-icus. The same family as ladybugs. This one was gold and black - the royalty of the ladybug family. He was like a tiny royal punch-buggy for a queen. He was very regal and poised, all rounded and gilded and shiny. He let me take his picture. I tried to pick him up, but after trying to pull his clinging feet up for a minute I got all oogied out - I just knew he would stick to me the same way. Even cute bugs are much less cute when they are stuck to your face!

So I settled for a nice photo and then went back to whatever I had been doing.


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