Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Roasted Starling

We've had quite an influx of baby birds lately. With the bird feeder on the deck, we often get them visiting. It's quite comical to see the babies - as big as the adults - fluttering their wings and holding their beaks open for Mom or Dad to drop some seeds into.

It all started with the mourning doves. At first we didn't realize they were babies - we just noticed that they were all rumpled looking - they didn't have smooth feathers like the adults. We call them the rumple doves. We finally noticed the adults were feeding them. Another cool thing about the rumple doves was that they didn't seem afraid of us at all. I could go out on the deck and get within 2 feet of them and they didn't get concerned. I got some nice photos:

Shortly thereafter we had a scattering of baby starlings on the garage roof. They were nesting in the vent on the side of the house and when they decided it was time to leave the nest they were all over the roof. It was actually pretty sad - I came home one day and there were a few of them in the sun on the hot garage roof, no doubt roasting. I know at least one died and ended up in the gutter. Another ended up out back in the blackberry bushes - his mother kept running in with bugs and worms so I think that one made out OK.

And just this morning there were several baby house sparrows being fed by their dad and several baby grackles. I'm still waiting for the baby cardinals. I expect they will be next.


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