Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If You Want Something Done Right . . .

OK. I screwed up last week, and had two blog posts on the same day. But hubby caught it early and over the phone we walked through fixing it. We scheduled the second of the two for Monday. Unfortunately, it looks like the same post was scheduled two days in a row. But the titles were right, that's something, isn't it? The one that came out yesterday (Monday) was supposed be about a spring walk I went on recently. Oh well. Crap happens. Here is the post that should have been posted yesterday:

We recently had some days with beautiful summer-like weather. The perfect sort of day for a walk. The kids and I did some exploring in the neighborhood and this is what we found:

Spring weeds (not quite a 'real' dandelion, but close):

A snail migration (not apple snails, but cute nonetheless). They were scattered all over a dirt path, soaking up the sun and (ick) crunching underfoot. (once we realized what the crunch was we were slightly more careful):

Some tall weeds, waving at a beautiful clear blue sky:

It's so nice to be able to go outside again without having our shoes fill with slush, without having snow filter down the back of our necks and without feeling the sting of sleet needling our cheeks.


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