Monday, April 12, 2010


I know that squirrels can be a real nuisance, but I think they are so so so cute! Years ago, in mine and hubbies first apartment, we had some squirrel friends. They would drop by to visit and we gave them snacks (I know, I know. They only visited for the snacks! But I can pretend they liked me, right?) They were very very curious and not afraid of us in the least. One of them even climbed hubby's leg as if it were a tree.

Well, once we moved out of the apartment and into a house we stopped the squirrel feeding. It's one thing to feed the little guys as they visit our apartment door, and quite another to invite them up onto the deck and into the house that we have to pay to own and maintain! As a compromise, I don't complain at all when they empty the bird feeder, or molest our sunflowers for seeds.

And speaking of squirrels. These little guys are friends of Strawberry Squirrel.


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  1. Most landlords call them lawn rats. They can do an awful lot of damage to a house real quick.