Friday, April 2, 2010

My Car Stereo is Possessed

My car has a strange little stereo. When we first got the car, the salesman was so excited about the sound system. He kept telling us how great it was and how much enjoyment we would get out of it. He went on and on about it at length and ad nauseum.

I said, "Does it turn on? Does it play music? Good enough!"

Poor guy was very disappointed in me.

But I do like music. I often listen to the radio in the car and enjoy flipping through the stations to see what's on. And I have my 6 favorite preset stations. And when I'm not listening to the radio, I'm listening to an audio book.

But I truly think my car stereo system is possessed. Not with an evil spirit or anything, but with a mischievous, naughty little sprite that likes to mess with me. For example, one day, preset station #5 will be set to 102.5. The next day it will switch to 102.1. I listen to both stations at times so I guess it could be possible that I'm doing something weird and resetting it. But it happens regularly. Preset #6 will also randomly switch between 105.9 and 107.9. I *never* listen to 107.9. I didn't even know it existed! But presets #1 through 4 never randomly change. They stay the same, no matter what.

But, OK. I can deal with that. However, it doesn't end there. I've had to learn to write down what CD track I am on each day before getting out of the car. Because about half of the time it will forget where it was. It may start over at track 1 (which I can understand. You know, something happened and it reset itself. What I don't understand is when it randomly picks a track, say 5 tracks earlier, 7 tracks later. or sometimes it will go back to the track that it started with on the previous day. Or sometimes, I'll leave the CD player going, and the next time I start the car the radio will come on. Or it will have turned itself off altogether.

If I could find a way to release that mischievous little sprite, I bet the system would work much better. And I may even get 3 wishes out of it - like releasing a genie. Maybe I should investigate that more.

But I guess I can live with it as long as it doesn't start calling me Dave. (as in 'What are you doing Dave?' 'Don't change the radio station Dave'.)


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