Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He Has Found His Calling!

The kids school had a deal going with Barnes and Noble last week. For any purchase made that evening a percentage of your sale would go toward the school's PTO. Part of the 'book fair' included kids from the school reading some stories they had written. Sweet Pea read an awesome story she wrote called 'Indiana Gerbil'. It even had a soundtrack that she sang in places throughout the story. It was very cute!

And, what is a book fair without a mascot?! They needed a mascot and were looking for volunteers. So, good ol' Daddy volunteered. Here he is:

I think the hubster has found his calling! He pranced and danced and shimmied and twirled. He shook and bounced and danced. (And he sweat! I feel sorry for the  person who had to wear that costume after him. I hope they are a good swimmer!) He was leading kids around and shaking his dragon tail and wiggling his dragon wings. He was almost cuter than the kids.


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