Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yard Bunnies

This is our yard bunny (one of them anyway):

Isn't he sweet? We love looking out the window and seeing the little guys out there munching on clover. The kids will creep outside ever so quietly and try to sneak up on them. They can get pretty close, but of course, not close enough. Eventually the bunny takes off, 3 kids in tow.

We've watched bunny games where 3 or 4 of them chase each other around the yard. We even had a squirrel join in the fun once. It was very funny to watch a squirrel repeatedly goose a bunny! And sometimes the neighbor's cat will just sit and watch the antics. He never interferes, but just watches, probably hoping a defenseless little baby bunny will show up.

And so far they haven't gotten into the garden (thanks so a fence) or the pots on the deck.  So it's all good. 


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