Monday, July 12, 2010

Bland Coolness

 I had lunch Thursday. Actually, I have lunch everyday. But Thursday's lunch was special because it was with some of my old co-workers. (I don't mean co-workers who happen to be ancient, although all three of them are older than me :-) Age-wise anyway. But they are all very young at heart. I mean co-workers that used to be my co-workers, but aren't any longer. They were my co-workers at my last job. But you knew that's what I meant, right?)

Anyway, it was very nice. The restaurant was nice, the food was good and it was great to see them again and get caught up on where everyone is and what everyone is doing. And it was also nice to get out of the office for a little while, out into the heat and out of the bland, coolness of the office. And of course it was nice to step back into the coolness after a little while, but mostly it was nice to get out and spend a little time with friends.

Hmmm, "bland coolness". I sense a haiku coming on. Give me a minute.

Aaah. There it is.

Out of bland coolness
Into blazing summer heat
Blasting off pavement

A welcome respite
From the chill of the office
A visit with friends

Then back to the cool
Office, computer, paper
There's more work to do


1 comment:

  1. Your friends miss you too and so enjoyed seeing you during lunch! What is old? I prefer to be compared to a fine wine. And fine whining I can do!