Friday, July 30, 2010

So Good Your Bones Will Melt

I have so been slacking off on baking lately. I really like to bake. And I like to blog about it. But boy, it's been a while. I made some malted milk cookies recently, but did I blog about it? Nooooo! But I sure did eat them. Mmmmm, those were some yummy cookies. And I made a chocolate pie the other day. But did I blog about it? Nooooo! But that wasn't as yummy. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Hubby hated it. It didn't have enough sugar for him. Too bitter. Sweet Pea ate a little, but she didn't really like it much either. And I finished my piece, but wasn't thrilled. I expect the rest of it may just sit in the refrigerator for a week then see the bottom of the trash can. Too bad. It's a waste of a nice graham cracker crust!

I'll have to try that one again - a different recipe of course - soon. Maybe I'll even blog about it.

Nothing like hearing about all the baked yumminess, but not getting pictures, and not getting recipes. Oh! Stop being a baby! I'll post something useful soon. I promise!

Let's see. What's on my "To-Be-Baked-Soon List"? Snickerdoodles are right up there. As are 'Nile Cookies', so named by Sweet Pea for their cracked-like-a-dry-riverbed appearance (but delectable taste - they so do NOT taste like a dry riverbed) (and I know, the Nile isn't really just a dry riverbed or anything, but hey. River - riverbed - cracked - whatever. It works for us).

Then there's the mint cake. I mentioned that a while ago and still haven't made it. Both Sweet Pea and I love it. But the Hubster hates mint, so anytime I think of making it he has another suggestion and I end up making that. I almost made it yesterday, but ended up with the chocolate pie instead. Woulda been better off with the cake. But soon. Very soon I'll make it. (and stop making those faces. Mint cake is delicious. Just wait and see. You'll love it!)

And of course there's cinnamon buns. The woman who used to babysit the kids during the day used to make these awesomely delicious cinnamon buns. And by awesomely delicious I mean they are so good that your toes curl and your hair flies up in the air and your bones melt. That good. So, I got the recipe from her. Like, 5 years ago. And have I made them yet? Noooooo! And why not? Because I'm lazy? Because I'm afraid of yeast and almost never bake with it? Because the caloric content and sugar high would send me over the edge? Because I won't be able to stop eating them and my thigh will blow up like hot air balloons? Because the pure and utter deliciousness would send me spinning uncontrollably through the kitchen, crashing into walls and furniture? Because I'm hoping someone else will just make them and give them to me? No! Don't be silly! It's because, um, because, well, you see, um. OK OK! I don't know why I haven't made these awesome little beauties. But they are also on my list.

The list is getting longer. It's time I did some baking. And some bake-blogging. Stay tuned.


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  1. Grandpa will take any dessert that languishes in the refrigerator -- especially the chocolate pie.