Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wonder and Beauty of Nature and All That

 This little beauty was lurking in the basement.

Under a paint can. Normally I wouldn't be moving the paint cans, since I'm working on Sweet Pea's room it had to be done. The good news is he didn't jump right out and attack, all two-hundred and fifty thousand legs clawing at my eyes and trying to scurry up my nose or in my ears. He didn't even try to zip across the floor, across the top of my foot and up my pant leg like a chipmunk would (long story - did I ever tell you?).

Anyway, all it did was sit there. Sit there and pose as if to say 'Aren't I beautiful?' I don't know that I'd say beautiful in a 'Wow! That is the prettiest thing I've seen' kind of way. Or even, 'Hey, that's kinda nice if you look at it out of the corner of your eye' kind of way. But, if you can appreciate symmetry, and the wonder of nature and all that, and if you can overlook all the legs. Oh the vast array of long, creepy, crawly, striped legs. And the waving, wiggling, waggling antennae. Then yes, I suppose it is rather appealing.

But I can't get past those things, so I just think it's pretty creepy.

But by all means, if you can get past those things, then enjoy.


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