Friday, September 10, 2010

Cake Season - Part 2

 As I said yesterday, cake season is exhausting, but fun. By the time I'm done with Snickers cake, the fair cake, Mom's and my brother's cakes I'm all caked out. And I still have hubby and Sweet Pea's birthdays to contend with.

One year hubsterdoodles decided that a cake shaped like a bucket of popcorn would be uber-cool. I agreed and set about planning. I went so far as to make the bucket shaped cake and covered it in a nice buttercream crumb coat. And that's as far as it got. I lost all interest and enthusiasm and ended up not finishing it. So, he got a nice big white cylinder cake for his birthday.

It was a nice cylinder, but it was rather plain. And nothing like the awesome cake we both had pictured. I promised I would try again some year.

And that year is here.

He's turning the big 4-0 this year and he's having a movie themed party (a small party, but a party nonetheless) with a bucket of popcorn cake. I promise, unless something unexpected happens, I will finish it this time.

Then, the final cake of the season is Sweet Pea's. I don't know yet what cake she wants, but her party theme is Lord of the Rings so it could be anything from the One Ring to a life size replica of Mount Doom. It should be fun no matter what.


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