Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Results Are In!!

The results are in! (Actually, they've been in for quite a while - I'm just late reporting it.) Sweet Pea got a first place ribbon for her crane picture. And Doodlebug got a second place ribbon for his "Many Powers" abstract painting. Awesome! Any my tiny book made of wood chips, beads, wire and 'distressed' paper got a second as well. Very exciting!

In addition, Snickers' flower painting was on display and Doodlebug's violets were on display. It was so nice to see them hanging on the walls of the fair for everyone to see.

And, drum roll please, Sweet Pea's cake won first place! A nice big fat blue ribbon. The theme this year was the Art and Home Building so her cake had four 'rooms' each featuring different things from the Art and Home building - a quilt room, a photography room, a model train room and a player piano room. The ladies running the booth/contest were very excited to meet her and took a picture of her with her cake.

It's gonna be hard to beat this next year!


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