Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cookie Season!!

It's Christmas cookie season! One of my favorite seasons! I have a legitimate excuse to bake. I've compiled a list of the cookies I'm planning including several traditional favorites and some new ones to try. I'm sure I won't have time to bake all of these this year. At least not and stay sane. But I'll pick a few favorites and will make plenty to share.

I'll even post pictures and recipes as I begin to get into the baking. Here are some of the things I'm planning on baking:
Butter cookie cutouts - These are a staple. Delicious plain, sprinkled, frosted and thumb-printed. You can't go wrong with these!

Chocolate pepper balls - These delicious little beauties are my favorites. The Hubinator hates them with a passion. The kids aren't too fond of them either. They are the 'bad habit cookies' because the recipe includes whiskey, coffee and lots of spices. The only thing missing (as the Hubby likes to point out) is the cigarette butts. Maybe I'll try that this year. And the thing is, looking over the recipe these are something I would never have made in a million years if I didn't know how good they were. They are chocolate cookies but the recipe includes a lot of spices including black pepper and cinnamon. It just sounds like a weird combination. Then toss in some whiskey and some melted shortning and you end up with a gluey, lumpy dough. It really looks
disgusting. Then when they are done cooking, they are rolled in a chocolate frosting that includes some whiskey and some coffee. The whole combination sounds disgusting to me. But for whatever reason these are toe-curlingly delicious! [Your mileage may vary]

Spritz - These are a favorite of Sweet Pea and Hubby. they always come out nice and tender and tasty.

Some other possiblities include peanut butter buckeyes and pizzelles (both favorites of the Hub), nutmeg logs, chocolate pinwheels, fudge, shortbread and something mint that I haven't quite decided on yet. So many possibilities so little time!

What are your favorites?


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