Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cat vs Gerbil - Round 1

So, we have a cat now. I know I know, I didn't tell you. I usually post every single little boring detail about the pets here, but I go and get a cat and don't even bother to mention it! Well, I'm mentioning it now. We have a cat. Got it at the SPCA in the easiest pet adoption ever. It was a piece of cake. (If you're looking for a cat or dog, most definitely check out your local SPCA - there were so many animals there and they made it so easy.)

Dutchess is the sweetest little kitty ever. She's not quite a year old and has super soft black and white long fur. She has a little pink nose with the cutest little black heart on it. Just look at that nose! And those whiskers!

But I'm not going to go on and on and on about how cute my little kitty is. Everyone has the best kitty and you don't want to hear about mine in nauseating detail.

But I will attempt to entertain you briefly with the tale of the kitty vs. the gerbil. You remember the gerbil right? Evil little red-eyed frosty - the most aggressive rodent since Godzilla (Godzilla was a rodent, right?) The one who will literally attack your hand when you reach in to feed him? Yes, that one.

The cat, being a cat, is fascinated by the gerbils. We have to close the door to the room they are in because she will circle and circle and circle the cages, and the poor little critters will thump their feet on the ground in some sort of gerbil warning system and will just look utterly terrified. So, to avoid torturing the gerbils, we keep the door shut. But the other day, the cat approached the cage and little frosty approached from his side. They were face to face. For a moment, they stared at each other, beady red eyes burning into bright yellow lamp-light eyes. The cat reached in with her nose for a sniff.

Frosty attacked! It was awesome! For several minutes we just watched as the cat would sniff, or reach out a paw and Frosty would attack. He was fearless. I think even without the bars of the cage there he would have attacked. I think he may even have preferred it if the bars were not there. He would have enjoyed grabbing onto that fuzzy feline with his wicked little gerbilly teeth and taking her down.

But we really like our new cat and didn't want it to end badly so we eventually split them up. Before the cat ended up with a bloody nose or paw or worse.

And at this point, I must say, in spite of his evilitude, I now have a certain amount of respect for the fearless little rodent. He stood up to a monster that outweighed him a hundred times over and given the chance Frosty would have ripped her to shreds or died trying. That takes guts.


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