Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As Evil As Brussels Sprouts

Just look at that face. Isn't it sweet? Doesn't that look like the sweetest little gerbil you've ever seen? So soft and fuzzy, cute and wiggly with long whiskers, a little pink nose and soft gray fur.

Yes, he had us fooled too. He's cute to look at, but under that soft fur and those quivering whiskers lies the heart of a vicious little beastie. If you look closer you'll see the gnarled, curled claws and the evil red eyes blazing with hatred. The whiskers aren't quivering in curiosity. They are quivering in barely controlled rage. How dare they put me in this cage next to that other gerbil! How dare they try to feed me delicious snacks and stroke my soft fur! How dare they coo at me and tell me I'm sweet! I'm not having any of it! Let me at them! I crave the taste of blood! Fresh fingers! [drool].

OK. So he's not that bad, but as far as friendly neighborhood rodents go, this one is not. Remember back when I introduced him and he got into a furry flurry with sweet, gentle, lovable little Sandy? Well, he was showing his true colors. He is a nibbler, a finger-biter, a run-from-any-human-contact type gerbil.

And Sandy is the complete opposite. I wouldn't say he loves human contact, but he is so curious that he will step onto your hand when you reach into the cage. He won't quite step on all the way so you still have to work somewhat to snatch him up, but he seems to enjoy it. He will run in and out of Sweet Pea's fingers, in and out of her pockets and up her arms. He eats snacks from her hands and as far as I know, he has never bitten anyone. (Except Frosty when Frosty attacked him on their first meeting, but even then I think he was more intent on escape rather than biting. Let me outta here!).

So there you have it - both spectrums of the gerbil world: Sweet as honey and evil as brussel sprouts (I apologize to those of you who are fans of brussels sprouts. Maybe you and Frosty would get along. ;-)


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