Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a Boy. And a Girl. And a Girl. And a Boy. And a Boy. And a Girl . . . .

We are overrun with sea life! The guppies had babies. Both females did. Of course they did. It's what guppies do. And as soon as I can tell which is a girl and which is a boy, they are being separated. As cute as they are, I do not have room in the tank for 18,675 guppies!

And, just to make things interesting, the mystery snail also had babies. Now, of course that was preventable. We didn't have to leave the clutch of eggs there, but it made for an interesting science lesson. But the other four clutches are going! I don't have room in the tank for 11,652 snails! So far it looks like about 7 or 8 snails, but I'm sure that's optimistic. These things are tiny, like 2 millimeters tiny and they are crawling all over so I'm sure there are many many many many of the little buggers hiding everywhere.

I think it may be almost time for "The Adventures of Mister Sinister's Offspring".


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