Monday, January 11, 2010

Lights on the Lake (Somebody's Been Watching Too Much TV)

Each year we go to Lights on the Lake to check out the awesome holiday light displays. It's two miles of holiday lights along the shores of Onondaga Lake. We drive through along the trail and take in the sights along both sides of the road - twinkling lights, moving displays, Santa, elves, reindeer and just about everything else.

According the website it has:
  • Towering Holiday Displays
  • Larger-than-Life Land of Oz
  • Twinkling Fantasy Forest
  • Colorful Section Arches
  • Delightful Victorian Village
  • Fairytale Magic Grand Finale
  • Memorable Animated Scenes

It really is a nice thing to do each year around the holidays. We thoroughly enjoy it. Here are some snippets of the conversations that ensued during this year's trip:

Dad: And here's Victory Village, celebrating warfare through the ages.
Mom: That's Victorian Village.

Dad: And over there are the snipers.
Mom: It's just flashing lights in the trees. It's pretty.

Dad: Look at that cow. They highlighted the chuck roast and flank steak.
Mom: It's just his spots.

(While Entering the Land of Oz)
Dad: And there's Dorothy and her little cat.
Mom: Meow
Doodlebug: Kitty
(surprisingly no one corrected us)

Dad: Wow look at the princess. She sure is fat!
Mom: Daddy!
Dad: Oh wait. There she is again. It's just her butt that's really big.
Mom: Sigh! (It was a hoop skirt)

And there was a slight disconnect between the front seats and the back. The sound waves were not traveling well:
Mom: Oh look. A sign for Petland. That's where we got Frosty.
Sweet Pea: What land?
Mom: Petland
Sweet Pea: What land?
Mom: PET land!
Sweet Pea: Oh. That's where we got Frosty!
Mom: Yes it is.

Oh the fun!


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