Friday, January 20, 2012

On Your Potatoes? Really?

  The other day my roasted potatoes were a little bit bland. Oh no! I know! Tragedy. It was terrible! But really, not so much. I mean, it's only potatoes.

But, in order to satisfy my tongue and also to gross out the kids, I heated up a little bit of tomato sauce for dipping. The hubby and Sweet Pea were dipping in ketchup (ick!) so I thought I'd try a little bit of tomato sauce.

Ugh! Ick! Yuck! Sauce? On potatoes? Oh Mom! You are so disgusting. Eeewwwww!

The faces around the table were priceless. I think I would do it again, many times, even if I didn't like the taste. The faces were awesome!

It reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes. There were a couple of different sets of Calvin and Hobbes comics where Calvin was making these terrific and horrible faces - one set was when he was eating dinner (and it was eating him), the other was family portraits. Priceless! Well, those faces across the table really brought Calvin and Hobbes to mind.

And since I know that you all are waiting with baited breath to find out if the bland potatoes were fixed by the application of some tomato sauce I will tell you . . .

Drum roll please. . .

Sure, they were OK. A little weird, but good.


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