Monday, January 30, 2012

We're Having Fishues

We've had some turnover in our little aquarium lately. Sweet little cord, our snakey loach has passed on. He led a long boring life so we weren't too surprised. And little Skye Masterfish, our sky blue betta named after a character in Guys in Dolls has also passed on. And as I mentioned the other day, we had some fishues with our little catfish.

Well, to console ourselves over the loss of Whiskers the 2nd, we got ourselves a couple of silver mollies. Well, who knew that they were piranhas in disguise? We set them loose in the tank and by morning poor little Zoidberg the 2nd was nothing more than a bit of sludge on the top of the tank. I'm not entirely sure that was his remains, but he's missing and the mollies looked awfully smug. I suppose I could have tried to return the sludge to the store, but  since I'm not entirely sure it was fish remains I didn't try. We'll just write that one off.

So, what did we do? We went out and got a couple more of the bloodthirsy little buggers. I wasn't going to get another catfish, that would be a waste of money. So we got a black molly and a speckled molly. I thought they would all play nice but no. The silver mollies hang out together in a group (a small group) and the black and speckled mollies hang out on the opposite side of the tank. I was hoping they might warm up to each other, but the other morning we discovered the speckled one, belly up. At least he had a belly and hadn't just disappeared like the catfish, but still.

So, I bagged him up. The little black one is still alive so far (knock on wood).


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