Friday, January 13, 2012


  Several years ago the Hubby and I went to NYC on a trip Hubby had won through his brilliance at writing. He wrote an essay extolling the virtues of the Dinosaur Barbeque restaurant and it was chosen by Good Morning America as the winner. So, we got a weekend in NYC complete with a tour of the studios and two meal vouchers - one for the Four Seasons and the other for Tavern on the Green.

The trip still comes up in conversation now and then, usually in reference to the huge Toys R Us we visited, or in reference to how delicious the meal at Four Seasons was, specifically the duck (and the chocolate souffle, but this is about the duck).

One of Snickers favorite animals is ducks so he is not amused to hear us speak fondly of the crispy crackle of duck skin and the succulent, tasty meat. He was equally appalled the other day when I referred to said meal as 'Quacktastic'.  And who knows, after all this time maybe we've just built the meal up in our minds into something bigger and better than it was, but does it really matter? If I remember something more fondly that I have any reason to do so that just makes it better right? Indeed. And what better endorsement than to have 'Ginormous Duck' declare the meal quacktastic!



  1. The duck was actually at the Four Seasons. The dinner at Tavern on the Green was merely okay, and they've since gone out of business. The Four Seasons, however, was the greatest dining experience ever. And you're not building it up in your mind... it really was that good.

  2. OK, I fixed it. Gotta give The Four Seasons credit for that awesome meal!!