Friday, February 10, 2012

Um - Your Head is a Little Wet

Our cat likes to drink from the faucet. She has her own bowl of water, but she prefers the faucet - where the water is cold and fresh. Everytime anyone enters the bathroom, she runs right in behind us and jumps up to the sink where she patiently waits for us to turn the water on for her. It has to be a thin trickle, if it's on too high she won't drink it. But if it's a nice thin trickle she'll stick her little hairy head right under the faucet and lap up the water. She doesn't seem to notice or mind that it's hitting her little hairy cat head and dribbling down her face. She happily laps it up as if she weren't a water-hating feline.

When she's done drinking she will often spent a minute or two batting at and biting the stream of water. And when she is done with that I get to have fun. I come at her with a towel and rub her little furry head to dry it off. Not because I mind a wet-headed cat, or because I think she minds being a wet-headed cat, but mostly because I love scrubbing that furry little head dry. She of course hates every minute of it. But for a cat she's smart enough and has learned to realize it's coming. That means she immediately jumps off the counter and races for the basement, or if she's too slow and I catch her, she patiently submits to the scrubbing, then stalks off afterward.

This picture almost begs for a haiku. So here's one:

Funny little cat,
Drinking water at my sink.
Your head is all wet.


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