Friday, February 17, 2012

Yuck! It Sounds Like Boogers!

So, for some crazy reason the other day I decided it would be a good idea to make homemade lemon curd. I found a good recipe and bought myself some lemons and limes.

When I announced it to my family I heard this:

Sweet Pea: What's curd?
Hubby: Yuck! What's lemon curd? Sounds gross!
Snickers: Curd? Yuck! Is that like boogers?
Doodlebug: Ew! Mom, you're gross!

So, of course I had to make some!

I explained that it's kind of like lemon pudding.  This is what they had to say:

Sweet Pea: Yuck!
Hubby: Yuck! Sounds gross!
Snickers: Lemon curd? Yuck! It sounds like boogers!
Doodlebug: Ew! Mom, you're gross!

So, of course I made some! I also made lime curd!

(I'd post the recipe, but really, how many of you reading this are going to make some? Hmmm? And besides,
I'm too lazy to type it all in. I apologize to those of you who found me via Google and are now cursing me for not including a recipe. But all I did was use a standard recipe I found online. A quick Google search will get you several fine recipes.)

But anyway, let me tell you. This Is Good Stuff! Incredibly good! Apparently I love lemon and lime curd. I made a batch of each. The lime especially is so uber-yummy, so incredibly tasty that I almost fell over upon tasting it. Wow! Tangy and tart, but also sweet.

I also made some citrus pound cake (basic pound cake recipe with some lemon and orange zest added) and spread the curd on thickly. I also spread it on some leftover crepes from my ricotta and crepe bake-fest of the other day (of which I will blog about someday), rolled it up and devoured it. Of course I also ate some right off the spoon. And it's awesome in my homemade yogurt!

I was unable, despite my best efforts, to get the kids to try it. Sweet Pea was a little gun-shy after the failed custard attempt and refused to even consider it. The boys raced out the room screaming something about boogers. But the hubby! My hubby! Hater of all things lemon and lime, actually tried it. I almost fainted! I half-heartedly offered him a taste, knowing he would refuse, but after hearing my moans of pleasure he decided to give it a try. (It was kind of like that restaurant scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'. He couldn't not try it at that point.)

But anyway, he tried it and get this! He actually liked it! Wow! I almost fainted again. He actually agreed it was yummy. He drew the line at putting it on stuff, like toast, cake, crepes, waffles, steak, hotdogs, etc, but he did agree that it was yummy. That's enough for me.

And did I mention that lemons and limes were on sale? And that I bought a 2 pound bag of each? Well, I did. So, I have enough curd to have some in the fridge for when the urge strikes, some in the freezer so I always have some on hand, and some spare lemons and limes for future baking. Yum!


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