Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Secret Subconscious Vendetta Against Rodents

We have a cat. We also have a guinea pig.

The guinea pig is kept in a cage with a door on the top that is kept closed.

You may notice similarities between this post and the last post. I think I may have some secret, subconscious vendetta against the rodents in the house.

The guinea pig has a very large (home-made) cage with two floors. When we got the cat I put hinged covers on the top to keep the cat out. They work great most of the time. The only time they don't work so well at keeping the cat out is when I forget to close them.

The other day was one of those days. Apparently Sweet Pea heard a noise and walked into the room to investigate and there was the cat. In the cage. With the guinea pig. With the doors shut! Apparently when she jumped in the doors slammed shut behind her.

Needless to say she was extremely freaked out by the slamming door. So freaked out she didn't even think about the rodent that was in there with her. Thank goodness! As soon as Sweet Pea opened it the cat shot out. Hopefully it freaked her out enough that she will be afraid of getting in in the future should I leave it open again. (yeah, right!) I suspect the guunea pig was all "Hey! Hi!! Wanna play?"

Poor sweet little innocent rodent.


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