Friday, November 23, 2012

Fan-Headed, Evil-Eyed, Giraffe-Legged Bird!

As I warned you the other day, we took plenty of photos. Here are some of the more exotic (and by that I mean, not northern) species that we saw:

We love these little lizards that are all over the place. So cute!

I want to trim the bushes out front this way:

 The ibis and egrets are everywhere, like sparrows are on my back deck, but more interesting:

 Would you look at the feet on that bird! It's like clown feet, but bonier!

A sweet little yellow bird:

A palm tree. There was no hugging involved. I don't like to think about what must live up there!
Some sort of dove:

A very pretty, if somewhat evil-looking bird. I think it's the red eyes.But check out his legs! Giraffe patterned. Nothing better than a fan-headed, evil-eyed, giraffe-legged bird!

Look at the crazy beak on that thing!

I don't know how they hold their heads up. Either those horns are filled with puffed rice, or they have the strongest necks ever!


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