Friday, November 16, 2012

Flaming Race Car Shoes With Shooting Rockets

A recent conversation between a mom and an 8 year old:

Mom: Those are awesome shoes over there!
Doodlebug: Where?
Mom: Those blue ones over there.
Doodlebug: No they aren't.
Mom: Oh, you're a boy. You wouldn't recognize awesome shoes.
Doodlebug: There's no such thing as awesome shoes. There's just shoes.

I think at first, when he heard the word awesome, he must have been picturing flaming race cars and shooting rockets. Then after thinking it over for a minute, he realized that even flames and rockets couldn't make a shoe awesome. Afterall, they are only shoes.

Only shoes! Can you imagine? These were awesome. Blue, strappy, delightful. And with no rockets in sight.


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