Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Duck Butts

So, we travel all the way down to Orlando Florida and what do we take pictures of? Yep, squirrels, ducks, grackles and butterflies!

There were some very cute little squirrels in Florida. They were identical to the ones up here really, just slightly smaller:

And I think this is a female boat-tailed grackle. Very pretty in a plain-brown-bird sort of way:

A pretty swallowtail butterfly on a fence. We have these up here too, but hey, it was just begging us to take a picture:

And we LOVE the ducks! Ducks are so cute. These little guys were very interested in us our snacks.

And here they are leaving. Snacks were gone. We were no longer interesting. And I know this is a terrible picture. I think that's why I like it so much. Second only to the one above:

But we also got plenty of other photos that I will amaze, amuse and delight you with over the next week. Consider yourself warned!


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