Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Very Large Bowl - Big Enough to Bathe In

Remember this post about our chocolate fountain? Our sweet, tasty, delicious, fountain of the gods? Well, after only about four uses, it went belly up. The darn thing just stopped spouting chocolate. Oh, it hummed and it whirred and sounded impressive, but the twirler that sucks the chocolate to the top and rains it down into the warmed bowl just stopped twirling, like a ballerina caught in a time freeze. It was like something out of Black Swan or the Avengers or something. Everyone got silent and just stared at the non-fountaining fountain, expecting the luscious brown liquid to commence it's downward drizzle, but it was over. It was done. The fountain was dead.

So I removed the fountain part and we all just dug in with our hands. Well, we used it to dip things in instead. You know, things like crackers and fruit, krispie treats, our fingers, our tongues.

Then after the party I took it apart, said a few kinds words, licked off a few stray smears of chocolate and tossed 'er in the trash! So long fountain!

I guess now we'll just have to stick to dipping in a bowl of melted chocolate. A very very large bowl big enough to bathe in sounds about right.


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