Monday, May 12, 2014

Purple Mountains Majesty

Snickers and Doodlebug have been watching the crayon saga with interest. They don't always like my art, but they always watch it develop with interest. And now I'm using something they can relate to - crayons! And seeing how much I was getting into the whole thing, Snickers got me an awesome birthday gift! He got me one of those amazing, uber-cool boxes of crayons with 64! crayons and a built in pencil sharpener! Whoa!! I always wanted one of those! That will keep me busy! The cornflower, the cadet blue, the blue-violet, the purple mountains majesty, the orange-yellow! So exciting!

Here's my second go at the crayons:

I also got a very cool set of charcoal, pencils and pastels from a friend for my birthday - all in an awesome tin. (Everything is automatically cooler in a tin for some reason). I'm still planning on what to tackle first with those. Oh, so much to do . . .


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