Monday, March 25, 2013

Maybe I Could Crochet a Backsplash

 I am such a slacker! For 7 months now I've been meaning to tile my kitchen backsplash. But have I done it yet? Nooooo!
I mean, it's not like I'm busy with work, family, housework, crocheting, artiness, baking, crafting, homework-helping, paying bills, checking email, grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc, right? OK, so that takes up some time, but what the heck?!? I've got at least 5 minutes to spare each day! Maybe even 6. So what is taking me so long?

I know, you don't really care. But I do! It's driving me crazy that I haven't done it yet! And by driving me crazy I mean, "When I actually have time to take a breath and look at the kitchen I say 'what the - why do the walls look like that??'"

But really, it's not that I haven't made any progress. I did get everything all measured out. I marked each tile where it needs to be cut, then set them aside and ran screaming from the room. I also cut and painted a piece of molding, screwed it into the wall above the stove and added hooks for the measuring cups so they can hang above the stove again like they used to.

It may not sound like much, but it took more time than it sounds like (probably more time than it should have). My next task is to actually get my butt in gear and cut those tile! Cut 'em girl! You can do it! One of these days I will. Really!

Or maybe I could just crochet a backsplash!


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