Friday, March 8, 2013

Prince Fuzzy Muffins

So, we have this sweet little gerbil. He spends his days running on his wheel, chewing on his
bars, rearranging his chips and, of course, snoozing. Sometimes he looks so comfortable, all curled up into a tight little ball, nestled into a fluffy pile of chips and fuzz, only barely visible.

And other times, it's like he's forgotten how to make a nest. He lays on his side on top of his chips and just looks generally pathetic. We all just want to bunch the chips up over his little shoulders and feet, but then of course he wakes up and wonders why we're messing with his stuff.

As I write this, he is curled up on top of his chips, looking downright uncomfortable. His eyes are closed but his little tail is sticking straight up and he keeps shifting as if there's a pea under his many layers of chips. I suspect he may be a prince in disguise.


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