Friday, January 28, 2011

The Tank Overfloweth

Those sneaky snails! Do you know what they did? They laid eggs! The nerve! And the worst part? They didn't tell me! And they hid them! And I didn't see them! And yes, they hatched! Sweet Pea was looking in the tank one day and noticed all these little tiny dots all over the glass. And those dots? Yes. Snails. Darn mollusks! Darn Gastropods!

So I counted them. There were over 150 of the darn things! Holy snail invasion Batman! That's a lot of snails!! Well, not to be cruel and heartless, but I felt like it was time for a bowl cleaning! I know - poor little things. I did feel bad. Really. But come on. Snails grow. And the tank isn't big enough to hold that many full grown snails, even if I take out the castle, plants and all the water and heap them up into a snail mountain. Heck, I don't think the kitchen is big enough for that many snails!

So, we picked out 10 or so choice snails (the ones that were big enough to actually see and get a grip on) and put them in a safe place. The rest, well, they are probably living happily in the drain right now. Laying eggs. Growing to enormous proportions. Planning on clogging up and taking over the drain, then the sink, then the kitchen and finally the world. I wouldn't put past them, those sneaky (and prolific) little critters.

And to celebrate (Celebrate what you ask? The hatching? The purging? I don't know. Maybe just to celebrate this post), here are some haiku:

A snail invasion
The tank is spilling over
Snails are everywhere

or maybe this:

A couple of snails
Manage to hide eggs from me
Tank overfloweth


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