Wednesday, January 26, 2011

With All The Grace of a Crashing Truck

Our sweet little kitty has a taste for Nerf bullets. She may look sweet and gentle, but as soon as she gets her claws into one of those bullets she settles down like a leopard to a meal and gnaws off the annoying orange foam, leaving only the black bouncy rubber tip. This delectible morsel gets batted, tossed, rolled, clawed, flipped and poked. Toss one down the hall and as it bounces off the floor and walls, you can watch a little black and white rocket in hot pursuit - bouncing off the walls, skittering down the linoleum, twisting and turning with all the grace of a crashing truck. It's something to watch!

And then, like any good little kitty, she brings it back and drops it at your feet. Wait, you say! That's not what cats do! Cats don't play fetch! That's only for dogs! Well, that's what this one does. She will bring it back until you are so sick and tired of playing that you're ready to cry. Then she will continue to play with it on her own.

I even had a picture of one of the chewed up, soggy nerf bullets, but it was so repulsive I couldn't post it here. And then of course I was too lazy to find a replacement picture - a picture of the cat maybe. Oh well. Maybe next time.


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