Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Pat and That's That

So the other day the hubby told me someone's name. It's a guy I've seen around - don't really know him, didn't know his name, I'm just vaguely aware that he exists. Well, the hubby told me his name was Pat.

Pat? Pat?? He can't be a Pat! He doesn't look like a Pat! What?!?! No! Pat? Really??

And just what does a Pat look like? Well, I've known three. One was a fair skinned red-head, one was a small dark-haired kid and one was a swarthy italian dude. So really, anyone can be a Pat, right? You'd think so, But this guy just didn't look like a Pat to me. He looked like a Mark. Or a Mike. Or a John maybe. Possibly a Dave. But not Pat.

Sweet Pea concurred. He wasn't a Pat. He was definately a Ryan. A Ryan?!?! No. He is not a Ryan. Definately not a Ryan. But Sweet Pea insisted.

But I guess it doesn't matter what we think. His name is Pat and that's that.


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