Monday, March 26, 2012

A Quagmire of Stinking, Oozing, Slimy Swamp Water - Let's Eat It!

I've been making my own yogurt lately. And thoroughly enjoying it. Remember when I posted about making lemon and lime curd? Well, some homemade plain yogurt, a bit of lemon curd for sweetness and flavor, and some granola makes a mighty fine breakfast (or lunch.)

But sometimes I run out of yogurt, so I buy some. I usually get lemon Chobani Greek yogurt or Yoplait key lime. Both are very yummy! Last week I picked up a lime Oikos. It was yummy too, but I had a slight issue with the color. Let me explain:

First, I'm getting used to the homemade stuff which is white. White is nice. Nothing artificially colored there which makes me feel healthy. Then there's the Chobani lemon - a very light yellow with little yellow flecks. Very festive and tasty. The Yoplait lime is a soft, cheerful yellowish-green. A nice eating color. Nothing wrong there although the added color is unnecessary.

But the Oikos lime? A strange, flat, institutional-paint green.

Now, both lime yogurts are colored with Turmeric extract - a natural, plant-derived coloring. Turmeric powder is yellow to orange. How on earth they get it to make yogurt green is something I don't want to think too much about. But while the Yoplait is a pleasant, light, yellowish-green, I thought the Oikos was distinctly unappetizing - a dead shade of green that pulled me down into a quagmire of stinking, oozing, slimy swamp water. As long as my eyes were closed, the flavor was fine. But immediately upon setting my gaze on the stagnant, backwater swamp that was my breakfast, my lip began to curl in 'should-I-really-be-eating-something-that-color?' disgust.

So, I stopped eating it, and slapped some on the wall. Yes, definitely an institutional green. No, OK, I didn't do that. I finished eating it. But what on earth would possess them to take something that seems so healthy - all natural, Greek yogurt - and make it that god-awful, unappetizing, barf-inducing, bottom-of-the-swamp, ick-what-did-I-step-in, ogre booger, moldy-bread color?

I may never know, but hopefully, they will do something about it. If I decide to try it again in the future (like - 7 or 8 years from now) I can only hope that the color will be a little more palatable.

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