Monday, March 19, 2012

Whatever You Call It, It's Disturbing

I love Oreos - regular Oreos - the chocolate ones with the white cream. It's the cookie part I like the best. I've been known to scrape out that disgusting cream and chuck it right away so I could enjoy the cookie untainted by that strange, sugary, lard-like substance in the middle. Don't even try to give me a double stuffed - Ick! And this works out well because the hubby prefers the cream and can do without the cookie part. We're a good match.

I've tried some of the other varieties - chocolate with chocolate cream, mint, vanilla with chocolate cream, etc. I decided that I shouldn't mess with Oreos. The 'regular' variety can't be beat and any variation on the original is inferior.

Well, the other day Oreos were on sale. So I came home with a box of Oreos. Now there's nothing unusual about that, right? Well, there is if you consider that I came home with vanilla Oreos!

Vanilla Oreos? What the heck!?!? But yes, I was having an irresistible urge for vanilla Oreos. It's really weird. I just love them! They are so so so so good. Better than the chocolate? Heck no! But a close second. If I had to choose one variety of Oreos to eat for the rest of my life it would have to be the regular chocolate ones, but oh the vanilla.

I feel like I'm turning to the dark side. Or would that be the light side. The vanilla side? Whatever you call it, it's disturbing.


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