Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Acts of Sewing and Arts and Crafts

Do you remember this post from a while back where I totally dissed my Catholic school education by turning my old school uniform into a trash bag? Well, the other day as the family was sitting around reminiscing, somehow the topic of nuns and uniforms and my misguided youth came up. We were talking about someone rebelling and the topic of my old uniform came up and Snickers chimed in with "Way to rebel, Mom!"

And we giggled and chuckled and chortled for several minutes picturing me furiously cutting and sewing the maroon and gray plaid fabric, swearing and cursing the nuns with each prick of the needle. Hah! Take that Sister Daria! In your face Sister Mary Magdalene!

Sure beats getting pregnant at 16, or dropping out of school to become a drummer, or getting heavily pierced and tattooed. I can only hope my own ducklings take after me and rebel with random acts of sewing, arts and crafts and baking.


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